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The capacity of the human being for the absurd knows no limits. Creativity applied to nonsense is a constant in everything we do, from useless inventions to memes, through the contests of swallowing hot dogs and, how could it be otherwise, nonsense also applies to entertainment par excellence: the sport.

For some reason, the mixture of adrenaline and stupidity makes us enjoy as dwarfs. Let’s pause to know some of the disciplines with less sense in the history of world sport. There is one for every taste.

longboarding gear: helmets, slide gloves, shirts, etc.

Boxing Chess

If you think it is impossible to mix two disparate things, you do not have enough imagination to make you rich by inventing something that nobody needs, but everyone wants. This marvel of human ingenuity consists in raising two intrepid participants to a ring and dividing the time between mental sports par excellence and slapstick.

Swamp Diving

Imagine what it would be like, to immerse yourself, in crystalline waters, with the rays of sun pouring through the waves to illuminate the little-colored fish that come to greet you. Well, what we are telling you has nothing to do with this. The bog snorkeling consists of reaching the bottom of a swamp to walk it walking armed with a snorkel.

Extreme ironing:

“It combines the excitement of intense activity with the satisfaction of a well-ironed shirt,” is the description of the creators of this absurd sport as if to leave well ironed the neck of a shirt was not pure adrenaline of itself.


The rules of this sport of gentlemen are simple: a group of people comes together to run and drink. Between them, they define how many kilometers the race lasts and what the route is. The primary requirement is that the best bars of the place are on the way. Thus, one can start the career fresh as a lettuce to get to the goal doing that.

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What can fail when you mix basketball and trampolines? Probably some pioneer of this good sport will play his oral health just to endow humanity with a gift of this caliber.

The launch of mobiles:

When the cold tightens, the wits wake up. That is why in Finland they are experts in nonsense sports. One of the most popular is to grab that device that captures so many energies throughout the day to pay with it all your frustrations. You simply have to take a run and blow the blissful device with all your strength as far as you can.

Pulse with big toe:

For some reason, there are people who love doing things with their feet. There are even individuals who like the feet of others. Okay, you have to be open minded, if they like However, how can it be otherwise, there are always those who enjoy curling the curl. The fact is that someone once came up with a pulse with his feet. Moreover that became a tradition. For tastes the colors.